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As much as we would love to post all the sale saddles, they are simply selling too fast!  By the time we get them all listed, they will likely all be sold out.  If you are looking for something in particular, please call or text me on my cell phone at 203-246-8013. Or email me at Ron Friedson, Saddle Designer


Need expert advice? We are saddle and riding boot fitting specialists and can help you choose the perfect saddle or boots. is owned by Saddle Designer Ron Friedson  whose designs have been made in saddle factories all over the world. With 3 saddle patents and expertise in the horse part of the industry as well as the saddler part you can be sure of getting Expert Advice when you call us at 1-800-888-USA1 (8721)

Ron started working in his fathers tack shop at age 5 sweeping floors. Literally learning the trade from the ground up. He later studied under a German saddler and a Columbian saddler trained in England.

With an extensive background of teaching and training horses and riding instructors: Ron has a unique background to give you expert saddle advice. You are getting advice not just from a saddle salesperson, but an expert rider and trainer who can help you pick out the right Prestige saddle for your specific needs.

When you are ready, please call us at 1-800-888-8721 and we can go over the details to get you the right saddle.

Specialist in hard to fit horses and riders!  Below is the new Prestige D1K with its self-adjusting tree it is one of my favourite Prestige saddles. 


Prestige D1 K Series
This saddle has the same characteristics as the D1 saddle. The single-flap K version affords greater contact to riders’ legs. The anatomical blocks on the knee rolls provide excellent support for riders. The “D” version is completely lined in our double oiled calfskin leather. The D1 K is made entirely in our new premium leather. The LUX leather is very distinctive as it has the softness of calfskin but the resistance of leather.

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Prestige Helen X Dressage.jpg
Prestige Helen X Dressage Saddle
The Prestige Helen saddle has been developed for the German champion Helen Langehanenberg. The new tree is deeper than with any other Prestige model and it enables the rider to “sit deep” in the seat but without hampering the horse’s movement. Its elastic membranes, positioned in the area of the ischia, make the seat extremely soft. The panels, too, are new and are made of a honeycomb structure material combined with a soft spongy fabric. These panels, with their anatomical shape, afford the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles of the trapezius. The Prestige Helen is available with the following seat sizes: 16”-17”-18”. The withers channel ranges between 29 and 37.
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